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The Last Day

Aug 22, 2016   //   by Sonal Priya   //   Blog  //  No Comments

12/08/2016- The Last Day

Test did bring stress with it, but everyone was calm and composed. Also, this was the last day and we had realised that we actually never realised that we were here for just two weeks. Though the students had not known each other for more than two weeks but were attached and did not want this course to get over. After the test in the morning which went pretty well because of the amazing lessons we got here, we went to the movie Suicide Squad.

Since it was the last day everyone wanted to do everything possible. Words aren’t enough to tell what one got in this two week experience. It included knowledge, extra curricular activities, knowing different cultures, very informative evening talks which were on unusual topics and many more. After the movie we had lunch which was again a feeling of being part of the Oxford. Lastly, and the last activity offered by CBL International was Punting, again a very new activity. We reached the place for punting and were divided in groups of five. The difference was that there was not guide on the boat and it depended completely upon us to see that the boats we have taken for punting return to the point. It was very exciting as was a new thing to do, but was tiring as well. Finally punting ended with a great success and everyone returned safe.

Then came the last few hours which was the farewell and the farewell dinner. The farewell had a beautiful set up in the 2nd Quad. Everyone was distributed certificates and and there was a photo session. After that we headed towards the farewell dinner. The dinner was a five course meal, which was obviously delicious. Then we realise that our stay in Oxford is over and all of us are heading back to our respective places. But as I mentioned earlier you can never be done in Oxford. All of us went out and spent more time with our friends and finally came back to hostel. This experience was absolutely amazing and worth experiencing. It gave an insight of the topics of study and the world. Overall, it is a must do course.

Day 10

Aug 22, 2016   //   by Sonal Priya   //   Blog  //  No Comments

10/08/2016- The Pub Quiz

The most exciting thing for today was the pub quiz. We have all heard and participated in quizzes before but pub quiz was a new concept for me. Though it was bade on general knowledge, current affairs, sports, music, cinema etc. the atmosphere was relaxed.

After morning lectures on Intellectual Property which is again very interesting topic we discussed about our knowledge on the subject. Before the quiz there was a tour to the Ashmolean Museum. As I had been there I was thinking that I would not go. But friends which I have made here have a completely different importance and hanging out with them seems to be the best idea. So, I went to the museum. The museum is full of art and sculptures. It includes collections from Egyptian, Greek, Indian and European history. It is an amazing and a huge place. A lot of art work, pottery etc. can be seen. On the way back few people stopped to shop and few came back. The markets nearby are very good places to shop. One can get variety of things there.

After dinner, we gathered in the College Bar. The teams sat together and we got the answer sheets, but before the quiz started the meaning of ‘pub’ had to be fulfilled. So, drinks were ordered. After the atmosphere was set the quiz started. It included all sports, cinema, television and so on and so forth. It also included some bonus points for activities like for the best paper plane, and points for the winner of the coin toss game. So after having a relaxed quiz everyone enjoyed music and the results lead to a tie between two teams. The tie-breaker was a Dance Off. The time was much more fascinating than it sounds.

Again after everything was over few people went to pubs and few went to a walk or to grab a snack. This city completely belongs to students, so safety is assured and late night outs are common. This place does sound interesting and it definitely is. Tomorrow is the last lecture for my two week course and I am excited as well as sad that this wonderful experience is going to end as it not only gives knowledge or fun but a lot more to experience, understand and grab from the society.

Day 9

Aug 22, 2016   //   by Sonal Priya   //   Blog  //  No Comments

09/08/2016- The Tournament

The morning class for Legal Theory concluded giving a new direction towards thinking about the use of law and an understanding of difference between application of law in Civil Law countries and Common Law countries. The best thing about the course structure is that it is simple yet informative and includes every minute details of the topic. As we headed to the dining hall we were thinking about the life in Oxford which was the topic of evening talk the last day. I now not only know about the life in Oxford but have also lead that life for more than one week which has been an awesome experience. Here excitements have no ends. Next activity is the Croquet Tournament.

Though YouTube and google had given an introduction to what this game was, playing it for the first time was a different experience altogether. At the scheduled time everyone reached the 3rd Quad which is the only place we can walk on the grass. As we reached there we formed teams of three and the rules were explained. On hearing the rules everyone thought that it is a slow game and was doubtful how interesting it would be. Yes! the game is slow but very interesting. It takes a lot of concentration and enthusiasm to continue the game. And this game which we doubt to be interesting, was played for three rounds and my team won twice. Even after all the rounds were completed we requested the organisers to not remove the set up and played few more rounds. Then we headed towards the table tennis table and played for few hours.

Later, we went to the evening talk about artificial intelligence which was again very informative and gave an opportunity to discuss the need for artificial intelligence. Later at night I walked around the campus in the cool whether, few people went out to grab late night snacks. Next day was yet another exciting day as we were going to have a pub quiz for which we had made teams and everyone was looking forward to test knowledge and challenge each other.

Day 11

Aug 22, 2016   //   by Sonal Priya   //   Blog  //  No Comments

11/08/2016- The Last Lecture

Today was the last lecture on Intellectual Property Rights and also for the two week course students. The afternoon time was assigned for studying. The subject is so vast that only a few hours is not enough to study.

Though the way we were taught was great a thorough revision was necessary before the test. Some of us first thought to meet at the bar to study together, but the college has so many facilities like a pool table in the bar, that anyone can get distracted. I wonder how the full time students control their urge to be engaged in these activities and concentrate in classes.

However, by the time we had lunch we received the study materials which all of us downloaded and finally settled down to study in one of the rooms. Group study is always helpful, especially for studying complex and vast topics like Intellectual Property. So we sat and started studying from the class notes, the materials provided and of course the internet. In between we went to grab a coffee which we can easily get nearby. After I don’t know how many hours we took a break. To relax our minds and to hang out, as it was very different to sit in hostel in the afternoon and not go out which we were doing for about two weeks now, we went for the movie Suicide Squad.

I feel like living in this city forever, as everything is so near and so convenient, also everyone is having so much fun that we cannot believe how these two weeks passed and now we are at the end of our course. After dinner, another interesting topic was waiting for the evening talk. The Making of Independence Day Movie. These things are not common and nobody gets to encounter such experiences except few lucky ones like us who came for this course. Tomorrow is Punting, again a new thing for me and I am looking forward to this activity too.

This would be my last activity here in Oxford but I wish to do this course in future as it does not only involve fun or a holiday but helps in overall development.

The Second Monday

Aug 11, 2016   //   by Sonal Priya   //   Blog  //  No Comments

8th August 2016

The new week had started. We already have a clue that who are going to be our classmates. Now the students communicate more and are comfortable around each other. There are also many activities scheduled for this week. We have Croquet Tournament, Punting, Oxford Castle Tour, Quiz Night etc. Excited by this timetable we start the week.

It is always a different experience to study from an Oxford faculty. Same was the experience today but was very different from the last week. The class was very informative. We studied about the different purpose and uses of law, difference between law in theory and law in practice and many other things.

After the class, we started to get ready for the Oxford Castle Tour. As everything is near transportation is not a problem. Mostly everyone walks. So when we reach here, we see a big tower and a hill. Inside is again a very different kind of tour. The guides are dresses like old times and the place is very well maintained protecting the actual construction. There are 100 steps to climb the tower which did not seem much once we started listening to the interesting history of the Castle. Then we also went to the area which was used as a jail in those times. There were certain clothes of those times which were kept there and we could wear them if we wanted to. Also some instruments of olden times were kept which were accessible if we wanted to see how it was used. This was the best part of the tour as generally in such places touching things are not allowed, but here we could use them. After that we went to the hill which is a man made hill.

After clicking photographs in this beautiful area and going around we headed back to the hostel. Since there are many shops and restaurants in the way it is very difficult to be diverted. However, we came back had our dinner took a walk and went to our rooms.

With all this studying is also very important so we studied a bit and prepared for the next class. As the materials to study have been provided earlier it is easy and better to be prepared for the next class. Finally we go to bed but very excited as the Croquet Tournament is scheduled tomorrow. A lot of things about the UK culture can be learned from here like such tournaments. I can’t believe that in few days we will finish our course and head back to our respective countries. The environment here is really nice and can make anyone its own.

The Sunday

Aug 11, 2016   //   by Sonal Priya   //   Blog  //  No Comments

7th August 2016

As we were very exhausted, everyone slept more than usual. Few people also went for cycling in the morning. As people here walk more, the concept of cycling is very prevalent and it is good to see the city like a local. Few people also went to the Christ Church which is a must visit place. I went a walking tour exploring the city.

I went to the Ashmolean Museum which is the oldest British Museum. It has art work sculptures and pottery work from Middle East, Greece, Rome, Egypt and many more. It is in front of The Randolph. The architecture is amazing. Then I went to the outskirts and sat near the river. I also saw ferries in some places and various activities being done in certain places. I also saw many other friends doing many other things which show that nothing is enough when you are on Oxford. Few people went shopping in the nearby towns, few went to other cities.

Also everybody waits for the amazing food which we get every time in the dining hall. Same did us on the Sunday. Everyone came back, had the food shared what they did the entire day. Then we gathered in one place and played various games. These times which we get, not only helps us in making friends but also helps in knowing different culture, different thoughts and different practices.

Finally we went to sleep as next week was starting with a new subject, new teachers and new classmates. It has been an amazing week and nobody could understand how the time flew and we are in the second week of our course.

The Excursion

Aug 11, 2016   //   by Sonal Priya   //   Blog  //  No Comments

6th August 2016

We had an option to choose from Stratford-upon Avon, Bath, Cambridge and Cotswold. I chose Cotswold as I wanted to see the countryside of the UK. We started at 9:00 AM and it took around one hour to reach.

We first reached Burford and saw the amazing buildings which were made of lime stones. We had a tour guide which showed us around and told the history of the churches there. There was a beautiful church which was filled with historic stories and exceptional art work. The city is small and has small shops which can be very good for buying souvenirs. Then we got some time to explore the place and look around. We stayed there for around an hour and left for Bourton on the River which is also known as the Venice of Cotswold. The way to there was beautiful, and the scenery was worth capturing. When we reached we visited a church again filled with the stories from the history.

Later we got time to explore this village as well. We had an amazing lunch alongside the river. We also had a duck race in the river and later enjoyed the cold water by going inside the river. It is a very nice place to go for weekends and relax. It is small but has antique shops, restaurants etc.

When we came back the first thing to be done was asking other people how there day was and knowing about the places we didn’t go. All the places were worth going and we were sad that a day has only 24 hours. After relaxing a bit we went to a restaurant for karaoke and spent hours there.

We spent our time discussing the amazing time we are having in Oxford, then walked along the streets and came back to the hostel. The best part here is that we can explore. We can explore culturally by talking to various people, educationally by seeing so many diverse minds and having the facility of one of the best institutions of the world. Here we get everything, from shops to pubs, to gym to whatever a person can think of.

There is a table tennis room here where one can spend time relaxing, taking, playing or in whichever way one wants. Finally tiered everyone went to sleep but with plans as the next day was Sunday, and we could not resist our wish to explore the city even more.

The Test

Aug 11, 2016   //   by Sonal Priya   //   Blog  //  No Comments

5th August 2016

After the London tour it was time for some serious business. Morning was a test which was based on the subjects we studied throughout the week. One more thing which can be noted is that this college is very punctual. It is very important to stay on time else one can miss event which couldn’t be compensated.

After the test, when everyone was relaxed, we thought of going to the park as the weather was pleasant. In the park we played games, talked about our life, goals and achievements. This place has given me a lot to learn. There are students who have never been out of their home country, some of them have travelled around the world, some come from developed economies while other are from different part of the world. This mixture of cultures, thoughts and believes, give knowledge and a forum of discussion and also to see that how diverse the world is but education has made things so simple.

After walking to the Radcliffe Square, the Bodleian Library we came back as we had tour to Botanical Garden. Not to mention, that the garden was beautiful and filled with different types of grass, herbs, flowers, trees etc. The cool breeze made the place more amazing. There is also a boating facility inside. There are benches to sit and enjoy the weather, paths to walk and restaurants to eat. Overall it is an amazing time in the garden, in peace and a beautiful environment.

Finally we came back and rushed to get ready as the next activity was pub crawl. The pub culture of UK is very famous and shall be experienced. We were many people and tried to fit in all the pubs. We can have drinks, dance and enjoy. We went to many pubs, few very famous ones too and then came back late at night. It was a very good experience to know the pub culture of UK and experience it. By this time everyone has started feeling home here. The week is coming an end, and we have an excursion planned already. So, everybody went to sleep but were very excited as we had to start tomorrow for the excursion.

The London Day

Aug 11, 2016   //   by Sonal Priya   //   Blog  //  No Comments

4th August 2016

Today everybody was excited as all of us were going to London on the places which we have chosen. I was going with the group for Legal Tour and the Houses of Parliament. Morning 7:30 everybody gathered and was set to leave for London. We got packed lunch for the trip. It took almost an hour and a half to reach London but the beautiful route between Oxford and London kept us busy. The route is beautiful and has a lot of greenery.

Reaching London and seeing the different buildings, London Bridge, London Eye was amazing. We first went for the legal tour which included going to the Temple, which is the place where all the Barristers work. The massive buildings and the cool ambience would make anybody want to work there, especially a law student like me. But, that was not just an office; it was much more than that. It included history, legal education system in the UK, etc. After having a fun one hour tour near the Temple, and knowing the history of courts and nearby places. It included some of the oldest shops too.

After this we got time to relax near Thames River. The enormous beauty of that place cannot be described in words. We then had lunch in the Southbank, which again is a very beautiful place with a view of London Eye. Later we walked through the bridge and reached the House of Parliament. A beautiful building in front of me. It is one of the most beautiful parliaments I or anyone else would have ever seen. It is a guided audio tour which tells the history and importance of each and every hall, gallery or room inside. The tour takes around an hour and a half to complete, the audio guide gives a lot of information, and also has some legendary speeches of the parliament.

Lastly, with so much of knowledge and fun, we finally returned to hostel. This city gives so much that nobody can get tired. There are various pubs, restaurants which are accessible 24 hours. We went to some shops, walked down the High Street and finally came back ending our beautiful day.

Day 3

Aug 11, 2016   //   by Sonal Priya   //   Blog  //  No Comments

3rd August 2016

Today was the “Study Day” where we got to study and revise our subjects and topics for the upcoming test. Though it was not compulsory and we could manage time according to our plan of the day. There is so much to do here in Oxford and nearby that planning could never end.

In the morning after breakfast we went to a walk and then to the huge Blackwell bookshop nearby. The reason why this place is worth mentioning is because it can be called a book hub, with thousands of collection of good books for all subjects. I spent more than an hour looking at the books it had. I also then headed to the High Street which is busy but worth going. There are various shops, supermarket, food joints where one can go and enjoy. By now everybody has made friends as we get wonderful opportunities to meet and talk to people, so there are a lot more to do.

After coming back I studied a little and brushed up whatever was taught in the previous classes, though the class was so detailed and well explained that the revision did not take much time. Finally we had our last lecture of International Trade Law in the afternoon and everyone was actually sad that the classes ended so soon.

It sounds unbelievable but the kind of knowledge and the type of classes one can get in Oxford is exceptional and nobody will want it to come to an end. At the end of the lecture the professor gave us his contact and assured us any advice from him in the future.

After dinner, we had an Evening Talk on ASEAN and BREXIT which obviously interested everybody. It was again not just a talk but an interactive session which not only gave the insight and hidden agendas one can find out of such political issues, but also gave a chance to every student to keep their view and discuss about the topic. Overall it was a great day and everyone was very excited to go for the London Tour the next day.


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