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Course Outline

  1. When you apply for the Oxford Summer Law School you will attend the courses shown in the draft schedule (see below) as International Law. You are also invited to attend the lectures from the Political and Economic Philosophy Track or the Business and Legal English Track. In case two or more courses are offered per week you can choose your preferred course upon availability
  2. Every course is taught as a one-week lecture series; 15 hours of lectures are spilt up between 4 days a week, you’ll have revision time and a test is offered. You have to participate in one test during the programme to receive an academic transcript
  3. Combination with our Cambridge programme: In case you decide to study abroad with us for 4, 6, 8, or even 10 weeks you can combine your stay in Oxford with our unique summer programme in Cambridge. Cambridge focuses on International Business & Management, International Relations & Politics, as well as History. Please find the draft schedule below for our Oxford summer and Easter sessions. In case you want to combine the Oxford and the Cambridge programme, a minimum stay of 2 weeks in each city is required.

Additional special offers for all delegates of Oxford Summer Law School – all is included in your tuition fee, there are no extra costs for you to pay in Oxford:

  • Oxford Walking Tour: We will organize a special tour for you to learn more about the history of the City of Oxford and the University of Oxford (UK).
  • Evening Talks: Every week we invite VIPs, specialist, and even students of the University of Oxford (UK) to give extra evening talks on various topics.
  • Excursions: During the weekends we will offer different excursions as one-day trips. You could join us to travel to Woodstock to visit the beautiful Blenheim Palace and its wonderful gardens, or you can visit with us the City of Cambridge and we will show you more of the University of Cambridge (UK), additionally we offer one trip to Bath and Stonehenge, so that you can experience some of the most important sights of the UK.
  • Day in London: London is one of the most important centres for business, law, politics, and economics in the world. We will take you on a Walking Tour and visit with you one of the international organizations based in London, or any institution, bank, law firm, or corporation to give you a much better understanding of London.
  • Social activities: Every week our team will organize a lot of social activities for you and your fellow delegates. In the past we have been organizing traditional punting on the river, table football tournaments, film nights where we have been showing films related or shot in Oxford (not only Harry Potter films!), college tours, drama work shops, visit of famous shops and institutions in Oxford, Oxford Museum Tours, Pub Crawls, and much more


Draft schedule for Oxford Summer Law School (click to enlarge)

Oxford Summer Law School is for 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks. You can also combine the courses of International Law with courses in International Business & Management or International Relations and Politics offered in Cambridge. You have to stay in each place at least for two weeks in a row.

The following Sample Schedule for our easter Sessions will give you an indication of the programmes:

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