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Whenever you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us a message. Just email us your questions about our summer school in Oxford and we will be happy to answer them. In case you want to speak to one of our programme managers, please send us an email with your name, home city/country and phone number and we will get back to you within 72 hours.

Well prepared for your study abroad

Communicating relevant information and keeping you updated is very important for us at CBL International. Eight and three weeks prior to the start of the programme you signed up for, we will send you information and updates via email. You will be informed about potential timetable changes, ways to make your trip easier and all the necessary information before you arrive. CBL International makes discovering the world easy.

A Successful and exciting guide

During welcome and introduction, on the first day of the summer schools in Oxford, we will provide you with a manual with all the information regarding your stay abroad. CBL International has designed a unique manual for every single programme; be it in China, the Middle East or Oxford. You will find all the essential information about accommodation, lecturing facilities, sightseeing, shopping and important contact numbers – all designed to make your trip easier.

A Detailed and quality timetable

Our timetable has to be flexible in order to anticipate any sudden changes, even during on-going programmes. You can be sure that CBL International is well prepared to add additional lectures or trips even at short notice – as long as we are sure that it constitutes good value to you. On the last day, you will receive a detailed and high-quality printed timetable with all lectures and trips that took place. Friends, family and interested persons will enjoy seeing what you have experienced.

A recognised certificate programme

DSC_5463CBL International Programmes in Oxford will give you the chance to be matched with dynamic companies and to learn about the latest topics from selected regions, industries and legal practice areas. In order to demonstrate your achievements, CBL International will award you a certificate confirming your participation. It will be an ideal addition to your CV and your applications. Furthermore, a score sheet will show the results of attended exams, which can be used for academic credit transfers at your home institution. Also mentioned on the certificate will be your achievements during the programme, the exam offerings, supporting companies and the amount of credits received in relationship to the workload. Certificates will be handed out during a celebratory farewell ceremony.

24/7 Service

During an on-going study abroad programme in Dubai, CBL International staff will always be there for you. If you need help with a personal matter, don’t hesitate to call us. Feeling ill? We’ll get you to a pharmacy or hospital. Lost your wallet? We’ll take you to the police station. Homesick? Well… we’ll try our best.

Stay Connected

After having taken part in a CBL International summer programme, you will be automatically joined to our Alumni-network. Growing with every programme, our alumni network will connect you to professionals and students from different nationalities, companies and universities. Stay up-to-date through exclusive alumni news with our CBL International newsletter. Also, don’t miss our regular alumni-meetings that are being held all over the world. So far we have held alumni events in Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Munich, Philadelphia, Salzburg, San Francisco, Shanghai, St. Gallen, Sydney, Vienna, Washington D.C., Zurich. So… welcome to the network!

Please find out more about your study abroad programme in the Course Outline and the Programme Overview.

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Who is CBL International?

CBL International provides short-term, global study abroad opportunities in the UK, China, Dubai, and more. Our programmes are focused on law, business and international relations. We provide tailor-made university courses, executive conferences, and summer school programmes for international students and professionals throughout the world. Visit the CBL International Study Abroad website!
Oxford Summer Law School is run by our partner CBL International Oxbridge Programmes Ltd. We are very proud to announce that CBL International Oxbridge Programmes Ltd. is accredited by the British Accreditation Council.


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